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Corporate Debt Recovery


We are willing to offer our corporate clients a fixed cost debt recovery service, pertaining to invoice debts that remain unpaid. We will send a letter before action giving the debtor a fixed time period to pay the outstanding invoice. The charge of the letter is £5 plus VAT. If the debtor does not pay within the designated timeframe, County Court proceedings will be issued, seeking the outstanding invoice debt plus interest and costs. In the event of a debt not being disputed, we enter judgment on behalf of our client.


Once judgment has been obtained we will thereafter advise on the most effective course of enforcement action. The cost of issuing proceedings and entering judgement if the claim is not disputed will be the fixed costs set down by HM Courts and Tribunals Service (HMCTS). We also offer our clients fixed cost charges for any assistance provided with enforcing a judgement we have obtained on their behalf.


Should the claim be disputed, Clarke Barnes are able to deal with any County Court proceedings that follow, and will provide an estimate of the costs incurred in taking the claim and the prospects of success, before undertaking any additional work. Our corporate debt recovery service is provided to corporate clients who are able to send at least 5 debt recovery instructions per month.